Welcome to TRG Properties

TRG Properties (TRGP) is a private company with a successful and established track record in property development spanning more than 30 years. Based in Western Australia, TRG Properties is part of the Transcontinental Group of Companies which was founded in 1981. TRG Properties is a highly experienced developer with a long and successful track record involving numerous high quality projects throughout the Perth metropolitan area, key regional centres in Western Australia and in Melbourne, Victoria across a wide and diversified spectrum which includes commercial, apartment projects, townhouses and englobo land subdivisions all in carefully selected prime locations. In recent years TRG has been increasingly focusing on apartment developments and is presently widely recognised as one of Western Australia's largest and most successful apartment developers.

Over a period of twelve years TRG Properties was closely associated with the Roy Weston Real Estate Group through the ownership and the management of that Group, one of the largest and oldest established property retailers in Western Australia. With real estate sales in excess of a billion dollars per annum this provided our team with excellent industry feedback and experience.

During the last thirty years TRG Properties has built a senior management team with a wealth of expertise in the areas of property investment and development and aspires to continue growing its business in a structured and effectively managed manner.

Our Strengths

  • A successful track record in property development spanning more than 30 years, including the turnaround and build-up of major WA property retailer, the Roy Weston Property Group;
  • Consistency in delivering value and completing projects in a timely manner;
  • Proven expertise and financial strength throughout economic and property cycles;
  • High standards of design and construction by using best-in-class service providers;
  • Operational flexibility and ability to deal with complex situations and projects;
  • Repeated success with residential developments in statutory authority regulated redevelopment areas with stringent design guidelines; and
  • A highly experienced, professional and responsive executive management team.

TRG Properties is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia and of the Committee for Perth.